To book using our online booking system, you must first become registered on our system. Use the form at the bottom of this page to register and we will normally respond within a couple of hours.

PEAK TIME (Weekday evenings from 6pm and weekends)

ROOM 1 £12.00 p/h

ROOM 2 £10.00 p/h

ROOM 3 £11.00 p/h

OFF PEAK TIME (Weekday daytimes 10am til 6pm) 

ALL ROOMS £9.00 p/h


MON - SUN: 10am til 11pm

Other times may be available by request. Call 01225 425592 should you wish to enquire.

We have 3 fully air conditioned and acoustically treated rehearsal rooms, ideal for up to 5 piece bands. 

Each room comes with the following: 

  • PA System 
  • Basic Drum Kit, stands, throne, snare. 
  • A basic cymbal set is available to hire for £2 per hour by request. 
  • Guitar Cab. Amp heads available upon request at no charge. 
  • 1 Bass Cab and Amp Head 
  • Mics, Mic Stands, Mic Leads, Audio Leads, Instrument Cables etc. 

4 Hour Minimum booking on Weekday evenings. 
2 Hour Minimum booking at all other times. 
Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance otherwise the full amount is still payable. 

Block Bookings: 
If you have a block/recurring booking, you must give us at least 7 days notice if you wish to make a cancellation. Block bookings are a privilege which must not be abused. Persistent cancellations of block bookings will result in your regular slot being removed.